About Our Foundation

Our Mission:

The Feinstein Foundation is focused on helping men who need financial assistance while dealing with prostate cancer and related issues. We help pay “the basics,” mortgage payments, auto loans, rent, and general living expenses. We also motivate men to be screened for this disease as early detection proves to be crucial in the treatment process. Our goal is to lessen the general illness of a patient while they are fighting prostate cancer. Our foundation which was established in 2003, has generated over $3,000,000 in donations and sponsorships to benefit programs related to the disease and allowed The Feinstein Foundation for Prostate Cancer to help hundreds of men with the funds we generate from our events.

501(c)(3) Organization

The Feinstein Foundation for Prostate Cancer is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Established in 2003, the Feinstein Foundation has raised over $3,000,000 for prostate cancer research and financial assistance for those who have been diagnosed with this disease.

Peter Feinstein and The Feinstein Foundation have hosted 8 charity golf and poker tournaments in Las Vegas since the creation of the organization.

“As a survivor, I’m extremely grateful for the support and assistance,” said Peter Feinstein, creator of The Feinstein Foundation. “I love working on these charitable events as it allows us to shed light on prostate cancer, while at the same time, raising money to fight it.”

If have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, live in Nevada, and would like to request financial assistance please call or send us an email and a foundation representative will contact you.

Have You Been Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer, Live in Nevada and Need Financial Assistance?



or Call us at: (702) 725-4733